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City of San Diego Think Blue Campaign
For the City of San Diego’s stormwater outreach and education campaign, TRG created the highly-recognized Think Blue logo and slogan. TRG also developed an innovative media advertising campaign that brought renowned Channel 10 weatherman Loren Nancarrow into the campaign as its spokesperson. Partnerships with Sea World, Sony, a land developer and various other companies, allowed for over $1million in value-added resources to the campaign. In one Sea World event, TRG was able to distribute 10,000 beach buckets to spread the City’s message of pollution prevention.


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City of San Diego
Think Blue Campaign


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ThinkBlue Surfer
Think Blue Brochure
TRG created the name and tag line for the Think Blue logo, which clearly showed how stormwater pollution gets to San Diego’s beaches.
Think Blue Logo
The brochure followed the path of stormwater from the top of the watershed down to the ocean to demonstrate how pollution is created.
Think Blue Brochure
Through the Channel 10 partnership, TRG was able to augment advertising by Sea World, Sony, a local developer and others, thereby increasing the value of the advertising budget. TRG organized an Easter week activity at Sea World where 10,000 beach buckets filled with information were distributed to the public. The Sea World partnership also generated a series of television ads for Think Blue.