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Team Mighty Microbe

TRG created Team Mighty Microbe to help bring memorable and easy to implement educational outreach materials to water districts and others engaged in water recycling and wastewater treatment outreach to school districts and students. Colorful trading cards, a PowerPoint® presentation and prepared handouts help educate kids (along with parents, teachers and school administration!) about the importance of microbes’ role in treating our wastewater, how we can help the microbes do their job, and why wastewater and recycled water treatment is so important. Kids are engaged by the bright, colorful illustrations and interesting facts, and schools welcome the curriculum-enhancing science and social studies information.



Monterey Regional
Water Pollution Control Agency


Leucadia Wastewater District


San Diego County Water Authority


Intellergy Corporation


WateReuse Foundation


Santa Clara County Parks


City of Palmdale


East Bay Municipal Utility District


Victor Valley Wastewater
Reclamation Agency


Central Contra Costa
Solid Waste Authority


City of Corona


Big Bear Area Regional
Wastewater Agency


Cucamonga Valley Water District


South Bay Water Recycling


Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff
Pollution Prevention Program


City of San Diego
Think Blue Campaign


Team Mighty Microbe



Team Mighty Microbe
Team Mighty Microbe Cards
Team Mighty Microbe Card
Classroom Presentation
Classroom Presentation
Eleven cards are illustrated with a colorful Microbe. The back of each card is filled with facts and a description of the role the Microbe plays in wastewater treatment. A twelfth card describes the wastewater treatment process, specifically illustrating recycled water use as the end product.
Team Mighty Microbe Cards
This fully scripted PowerPoint slide presentation outlines the water recycling process, explains the water supply challenge, introduces the Microbes and challenges students to find ways they can help. Detailed speaker’s notes can be easily modified to your program’s specifics. The presentation is included with the trading cards as a part of the Team Mighty Microbe educational program.
Classroom Presentation
The included worksheet engages kids with some fun games, suggested activities and a glossary of terms. Other promotional items featuring the Microbes are available, such as temporary tattoos, pencils, water bottles and more!