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San Diego County Water Authority
Together with Winzler & Kelly, TRG & Associates worked to develop water reclamation tools and resources to help the Water Authority’s 21 member agencies connect with and market to potential recycled water customers. The combined technical and marketing support was aimed at increasing the number of customer connections among the member agencies. TRG was responsible for development of the Recycled Water Strategic Marketing Plan, a Recycled Water Landscape Guide geared for potential and existing customers, case studies of successful recycled water customers, fact sheets and information for the Authority’s website.


Monterey Regional
Water Pollution Control Agency


Leucadia Wastewater District


San Diego County Water Authority


Intellergy Corporation


WateReuse Foundation


Santa Clara County Parks


City of Palmdale


East Bay Municipal Utility District


Victor Valley Wastewater
Reclamation Agency


Central Contra Costa
Solid Waste Authority


City of Corona


Big Bear Area Regional
Wastewater Agency


Cucamonga Valley Water District


South Bay Water Recycling


Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff
Pollution Prevention Program


City of San Diego
Think Blue Campaign


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Landscape Guide
SDCWA Brochure
Case Studies
SDCWA Case Studies
Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan
A Landscape Guide was produced to help customers work with the unique qualities of recycled water. Specially designed to incorporate existing Salinity Management materials, the Guide includes a plant list and soils information as well as a troubleshooting guide, and highlights local sites that are successfully using recycled water.
SDCWA Landscape Guide
Four case studies, each focusing on a type of recycled water customer, allow potential users to envision recycled water use in their own project. Told from the point of view of a golf course, industrial cooling tower operator, HOA and landscape user, we provide a look at the connection process, costs, management practices, water quality and perception issues that arise when using recycled water.
SDCWA Case Studies
TRG produced a comprehensive plan detailing a marketing approach to entice more customers to begin using recycled water, and to make the process more streamlined and easier for both the customer and the member agency. In phase two of the project, TRG will begin to help SDCWA to carry out the Plan (commencing Winter 2009).
SDCWA Strategic Plan
Special outreach events were held to bring information and receive feedback from specific segments of the recycled water customer market. A cooling tower workshop, golf course superintendents’ workshop and landscaper’s workshop were well attended and informative, generating interest in connecting to recycled water and providing a forum for interested parties to learn more about its use.
SDCWA Events