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City of Palmdale

The City of Palmdale embarked on a pollution prevention outreach and education program to industrial customers. TRG developed a Fats, Oils and Grease Manual for restaurants and an Auto Repair Manual for auto repair shops. Both manuals were translated into Spanish as well as English. Future development of more industrial pollution prevention materials is on the horizon.


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Water Pollution Control Agency


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Restaurant Chef
FOG Manual
The City of Palmdale needed a brochure outlining the Best Management Practices for Food Service Establishments for their FOG compliance program. The manual outlines steps necessary for compliance, including explanations for procedures, contact information, procedures followed when a business is not in compliance, and forms.
Palmdale FOG Manual
As part of the City of Palmdale’s industrial pollution prevention program, TRG produced an Auto Repair Best Management Practices manual to guide automotive repair facilities in safe handling disposal of the many pollutants that are used in these facilities. Concise design and instructions were necessary to make certain that the detailed information is clear and easy to follow.
BBARWA Brochure
The groundwater recharge website became the focal point for upcoming events and meetings, as well as extensive project information and links to other successful projects.
BBARWA Website
Radio, magazine and newspaper advertisements were used to educate and inform the public about the project and to drive them to the website for detailed information.
The message of water scarcity was conveyed even in times of adequate rainfall.

This graphic explains the groundwater recharge process and was used in posters and presentations. Although Big Bear is a small community, dozens of presentations were given to citizens, business groups and other organizations to keep them informed and to generate support.


This graphic illustrates the water reclamation treatment process and was used in ads, brochures, posters and fact sheets. Numerous fact sheets were developed to describe the treatment process, health and safety, other projects and more.

BBARWA Graphic