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Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency
The Monterey Peninsula has experienced drought, overdraft of the local groundwater basin and faces a lack of new water supplies. MRWPCA has had a successful agricultural reuse project for the past 20+ years and initiated the Monterey Peninsula Groundwater Replenishment Project in 2005. TRG & Associates worked with the agency developing a strategic outreach plan and implemented the plan to inform and educate the community and various stakeholders about groundwater recharge. Public outreach activities included media relations, meetings with key opinion leaders, Power Point presentations, social media, grass roots community outreach and coordination with various other technical consultants, as well as the collateral materials shown below.


Monterey Regional
Water Pollution Control Agency


Leucadia Wastewater District


San Diego County Water Authority


Intellergy Corporation


WateReuse Foundation


Santa Clara County Parks


City of Palmdale


East Bay Municipal Utility District


Victor Valley Wastewater
Reclamation Agency


Central Contra Costa
Solid Waste Authority


City of Corona


Big Bear Area Regional
Wastewater Agency


Cucamonga Valley Water District


South Bay Water Recycling


Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff
Pollution Prevention Program


City of San Diego
Think Blue Campaign


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Monterey Bay - Harbor Seal
MRWPCA Website
Fact Sheets
MRWPCA Process
Strategic Outreach Plan
Strategic Outreach Plan
Logo created for the project and used on all collateral.
An arresting website was planned for this project. Crucial to the area is Monterey Peninsula’s natural beauty, and preserving the area is an overreaching goal of the project. By using the stunning images to communicate the issues, the importance of the project is accompanied by an emotional response, highlighting the importance of protecting the area’s resources.
MRWPCA Website
Fact sheets explaining technical information, highlighting previous, successful projects, and explaining processes are important communication tools. TRG’s firm grasp of technical issues allows us to translate information into easily-understood graphics and explanatory text.
Clear communication of information is vitally important, and often technical documents are difficult for the public to understand. Easy to read maps with important landmarks were created to help stakeholders process critical siting issues in this project.
Technical information was conveyed clearly with colorful illustrations.
MRWPCA Process
The Strategic Plan identified stakeholders, key messages, potential challenges and solutions during implementation of a potable reuse project. The Plan provided a roadmap for working through outreach activities that would engage and gather support from the public and other stakeholders.
Strategic Outreach Plan
Numerous power point presentations were developed for MRWPCA staff as they met with City Councils, environmental groups, advocacy groups, civic organizations and others. The maps were also used for presentations.