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Leucadia Wastewater District
TRG is working with LWD managing their public relations and outreach program. The District balances its mission to provide wastewater and recycled water services with its calling to protect the unique and sensitive local environment within its jurisdiction, which includes nesting sites for protected bird species and a busy public beach. TRG’s tasks include strategic planning, project management, newsletter development, event planning, press releases, fact sheets and media kits, and other outreach projects. LWD recently won an award from the California Association of Sanitation Agencies for its Teacher Grant Program, and held a very successful Open House event in November 2011.


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Leucadia Wastewater District


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LWD's Batiquitos Pump Station
Open House Materials
Open House
LWD Newsletter March 2012
Spring 2013 Newsletter
We wanted to highlight Leucadia’s forward-looking approach to environmental protection and safety for their Summer 2011 newsletter. The Agency follows above-and-beyond procedures and backup systems; their pipelines and pump stations are located adjacent to sensitive beach and lagoon habitats. Using a unique, graphics-focused approach, TRG was able to explain very technical systems to average ratepayers—and LWD received very positive feedback from their public.
LWD Newsletter
Sometimes the best way to reach out to the public is to invite them in! TRG organized an Open House event for LWD, to demonstrate their technical equipment, explain how the sewer system works, and let employees show what they do to keep wastewater flowing and safe. TRG brought together community organizations, businesses in the area and surf shop prize sponsors to bring the public in and the event was an unqualified success, with unprecedented community attendance.
LWD Open House
TRG's March 2012 newsletter for LWD focused on the District's financial planning and management structure. It's challenging to present intricate and dry information in a way that is interesting and understandable for the general public. TRG broke the information down into small easily-read captions, and used illustration to add interest and increase understanding. The District was pleased to receive many phone calls and emails praising the newsletter and its message and design.
LWD Newsletter
LWD’s Fall 2012 newsletter focused on pollution prevention, and how homeowners can help protect the system (and potentially save themselves from costly repairs) by learning how to properly dispose of household pollutants. Clear graphics explaining how problems can occur gives the reader incentive to follow the guidelines—benefitting the system as well as the homeowner.
LWD Newsletter
LWD’s Spring 2013 newsletter
LWD Newsletter

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