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Intellergy Corporation
TRG is helping the Intellergy Corporation market its innovative “Steam/CO2 Reforming” process that converts organic feedstock into renewable products and energy. The technology can convert myriad materials such as paper, plastics, biomass and biosolids, food processing waste, municipal solid wastes (MSW) and medical waste into sustainable products without combustion. Its proven patented technology processes organic materials into a high-grade “syngas”, which then can be used to produce renewable hydrogen, electricity (via fuels cells) or liquid fuels including mixed alcohols, jet fuel and paraffinic diesel-like fuels. TRG is providing strategic planning, crisis management planning, media relations, collateral including the Intellergy logo and tag line, fact sheets, presentation boards, website development and more.


Monterey Regional
Water Pollution Control Agency


Leucadia Wastewater District


San Diego County Water Authority


Intellergy Corporation


WateReuse Foundation


Santa Clara County Parks


City of Palmdale


East Bay Municipal Utility District


Victor Valley Wastewater
Reclamation Agency


Central Contra Costa
Solid Waste Authority


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Big Bear Area Regional
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Cucamonga Valley Water District


South Bay Water Recycling


Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff
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Intellergy Display
Intellergy website
TRG developed the identity for Intellergy, reflecting the company's ability to take a range of wastes and deliver renewable energy without environmental problems caused by combustion-utilizing solutions.
Intellergy Logo
Display boards developed for trade shows highlight the Intellergy technology while demonstrating the range of feedstocks that can be utilized.
Intellergy Display
The website developed for Intellergy must convey complicated technical information while remaining intelligible for viewers not familiar with the industry.
Intellergy Website
Radio, magazine and newspaper advertisements were used to educate and inform the public about the project and to drive them to the website for detailed information.
The message of water scarcity was conveyed even in times of adequate rainfall.

This graphic explains the groundwater recharge process and was used in posters and presentations. Although Big Bear is a small community, dozens of presentations were given to citizens, business groups and other organizations to keep them informed and to generate support.


This graphic illustrates the water reclamation treatment process and was used in ads, brochures, posters and fact sheets. Numerous fact sheets were developed to describe the treatment process, health and safety, other projects and more.

BBARWA Graphic