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Cucamonga Valley Water District
Located in the Inland Empire of California, the Cucamonga Valley has experienced rapid population growth and an accompanying demand for new water sources. TRG & Associates helped CVWD shape their public outreach program for a new recycled water project. TRG developed a recycled water strategic outreach plan and a logo, brochure, customer manual and landscape worker brochure. TRG also developed and facilitated an internal customer service workshop to inform and educate staff about the types of queries they might receive from the public about recycled water. TRG has also produced CVWD’s quarterly newsletters.


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CVWD Brochure
Customer Guidebook
CVWD Guidebook
Landscape Brochure
CVWD Landscape
The logo integrated the scenic setting of CVWD along with a statement that described how the water benefitted the community.
The general brochure is geared for the public, media, elected officials and others; it provides a broad overview of the recycled water program.
CVWD Brochure
The Guidebook, a site supervisor manual, is distributed to each recycled water site. It outlines the health and safety rules & regulations.
CVWD Guide
A brochure was produced to answer common concerns of landscapers new to working with recycled water, including health and safety and landscape tips.
CVWD Landscape Brochure
Quarterly newsletters were produced to ensure that stakeholders were kept up to date on the latest information.
CVWD Newsletter
Company principal Lois Humphreys designed & implemented a workshop for the agency’s potable water customer service employees so they would know how to respond to questions and concerns about recycled water.         It is important that all agency representatives that are in contact with the public are educated and able to handle questions about the recycled water project. Workshops get staff on the same page and provide them with consistent information and strategies for dealing with common issues and questions that arise during the project.