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Team Mighty Microbe Education Outreach Program

After creating customized school outreach programs for several clients, TRG saw the need for exciting, effective communication materials to help bring the message about water recycling into the educational arena. With our deep understanding of what works to educate and inform the public, and our experience in education outreach, we created Team Mighty Microbe Trading Cards.


Faster than a flushing toilet, our pack of twelve trading cards can spring into action to lend their superpowers to your recycled water or wastewater school education program. Each Microbe card is filled with facts and a description of the role the Microbe plays in wastewater treatment.

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Team Mighty Microbe Trading Cards

A twelfth card describes the wastewater treatment process, specifically illustrating recycled water use as the end product. Bright, fun illustrations grab kids’ interest and the included Powerpoint® presentation gives students an understanding of what the process of treatment involves, why recycling water is so important, and what they can do to help the Microbes do their job!